Monday, May 2, 2011

Untitled (Monster)

I am the wind
This piece of petrified wood
Hidden for years
In a cave
Covered by undisturbed sediment
That can only occur
Through lack of movement...
Lack of action…

Too long I paced,
Hand on hip,
Waiting to be acknowledged.
And now you shine your flashlight
In my face?
Just because you
Finally decided that
You wanted to
Open your mouth and speak?
Expecting me to listen…
But I’ve been rendered
Deaf by the years of silence

Your words are lost
Save your breath
And save me the energy
That I would expend in
Justifying who I am
You helped create the monster
And now you are disgusted…
Beholdthe fruits of your neglect

~Jennifer Rapier-Milne

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